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Loyalty PGM





Founded in 2010, We've got over a decade of experience in helping businesses create effective loyalty programs. 

We are located in the Pacific Northwest in Bellevue, WA. We attract the areas top talent in loyalty, digital marketing and software engineers.  We welcome you to visit our office - just schedule an appointment with us! Health and safety restrictions may apply at anytime for in-person visits.


Retaining customers is key to running a successful business, but too often businesses focus too much on acquisition. We believe that a shift in focus to retention can benefit all businesses.

Utilizing Loyalty PGM's services, integrations and support you will experience what it is like to not only be treated as our best client, but our best partner. Your success is our success - let us help you grow you loyalty solutions today. 


Our loyalty program is completely customizable, easily automated, trackable with easy-to-understand data, and most of all, effective.

We integrate with many CDPs, communication platforms and providers including all the major industry players. If you've heard of them, we integrate with them. 

With 99.89% uptime over the last 12 months, our platform is built solid and securely so all you have to worry about is your success of the campaign and not the struggles of a platform. 



Keep customers coming back. Building your loyalty program strategy is the first step in ensuring a successful program.


What do your customers look for? Points earned? Do points expire?  Bonus point days? We have all the analytics and research to help you successfully launch and maintain your loyalty program.


We have programs with just hundreds in them as well as programs with hundreds of thousands running through our platforms.  

Easily and quickly communicate with opted-in customers via SMS text messaging and email marketing.


Send bulk email blasts, triggered transactional messages with ease. Our system is channel and vendor agnostic and we offer plans based on your database size only. 

Utilizing SMS Text Messaging as a main channel for your loyalty program is the best decision you'll ever make for your business. 

95% of text messages received are read within the first 5 mins after receiving them. Don't miss out on what SMS Text messaging can do for your customer incremental spend lift as well as overall engagement.  We partner with many texting providers and have integrations with the largest players in the industry. 

Avoid legal issues and focus on growing your business. We ensure all TCPA, FCC and CTIA rules, guidelines and best practices are implemented from the very beginning.  We also ensure your emails are CAN-SPAM compliant and perform a full audit on each and every email template you utilize in your email marketing program. We also run your HTML creative through various testing tools to identify rendering and SPAM like content. 

We also offer compliant web opt in forms for you to utilize across your marketing channels to receive and document confirmed opted in consumers into your messaging program be it email, SMS or other channels you have implemented. 




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